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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kushiel's Dart

I finished reading Kushiel's Dart last week, though with work, I haven't had time to add any blog posts, so today, two will be forthcoming. This novel was interesting, I especially liked the near our reality setting, with minor differences created by an active god and fallen angels breeding with humans a la the nephilim. Kudos there. I also liked the political intriguing that happened in the novel, really the first part of the book was very well done. But the second half was pretty boring to me. Maybe I am tired of High fantasy, I don't know. I do know that I'm sick of the slave who empowers and frees him/herself plot device. If this spoils th ebook for anyone, I'm sorry - after all it is only a minor part. Plus who reads these posts anyway =)


  1. I do, though I have already Kushiel's Dart myself but it has been a while. As I see it the book is divided into 3 parts. Pre-slavery, slavery, and post slavery. I found parts 1 and 3 to be pretty good and enjoyed them. Part 2 was terrible. I took me so long to get through it.

    As for the context of the world I find it to be interested and the characters intriguing. Not sure what else to say about the book though. Overall a good read.

  2. You guys are funny. Thanks for humoring me.