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Monday, March 2, 2009

Latest read

I just finished reading Chaos and Power, the next book in the Gap series. This series continues to be good, especially with it taking twists and turns that I could neither predict or expect. I like the direction of the novel, and the issues of victim and victimizer which it continues to explore and play on. Angus Thermopyle has definetely become the character that most intrigues me, as his role of victimizer in the first novel, The Real Story, has become continually a victim, depsite and physical empowerment, his character has continued to be victimized mentally and emotionally.

I'm also working my way through the Garden of Eden, and am finding it to be less interesting than his other novels. Maybe because it seems to be about a newly wed couple in the 30's. The wife has gender changing sexual fantasies and is rich, and the husband is a writer who has initial success. They are galavanting about Europe. Maybe this novel would have been better if Hemingway had lived to finish it, but True At First Light was a much better read - though it did seem to restate other ideas from his earlier work like game hunting in Africa.

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